Providing Advanced Testing + Forensic Capabilities For Construction Materials

Thorough testing and analysis on construction materials is sometimes needed before, during and after construction to ensure a structure’s integrity and safety. Our accredited and independent Materials Laboratory houses state-of-the-art equipment for standardized and specialty testing and applied research. The laboratory provides chemical and physical testing and petrography for aggregates, 水泥, 砂浆, concrete and other construction materials.


We conduct standardized and specialized testing of the chemical and physical properties of Portland 水泥, supplementary 水泥itious materials and other finely divided materials providing information concerning:

  • 强度
  • 稳健
  • 错误的设置
  • 作文
  • 设置时间
  • 耐硫酸
  • ASR缓解
  • 吸收
  • 收缩
  • 细度


We conduct standard and specialty testing for concrete construction materials providing information concerning:

  • 冻融
  • 耐盐结垢性
  • 耐硫酸
  • 体积稳定性
  • ASR阻力
  • ASR缓解
  • 抗化学腐蚀
  • Alkali-Carbonate反应


Our laboratory provides standard and specialty testing of durability and volume stability properties of both fresh and hardened concrete, providing information concerning:

  • 混合验证
  • 新的属性
  • 机械性能
  • 吸收
  • 收缩和膨胀
  • 使用寿命预测
  • 耐磨性
  • 冻融性
  • 抗结垢性
  • 氯离子穿透
  • Alkali-Silica缓解
  • Alkali-Carbonate缓解
  • 岩相检验


We perform standard and specialty testing on chemical, physical and durability properties of aggregates providing key data on:

  • 吸收
  • 比重
  • 分级
  • 稳健
  • 粘土和易碎颗粒
  • 轻量级的粒子
  • 有机杂质
  • 划痕硬度
  • 扁平和细长的粒子
  • 岩相检验
  • 耐磨性
  • 冻融性
  • Alkali-Silica反应


American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)

  • 质量管理体系
  • 混凝土
  • 水泥
  • 火山灰
  • 矿渣水泥


  • Illinois (IDOT): ASTM C1567 and ASTM C1293
  • Massachusetts (MassDOT): AASHTO T303, ASTM C1260


Petrographic methods combine visual analyses using stereo, petrographic and scanning electron microscopes to examine and evaluate the optical properties and microstructural characteristics of the materials

The information from a petrographic analysis is regularly used to identify causes of distress and deterioration in materials, as well as predict future performance of the materials, and can aid in the evaluation of several issues, 其中包括, 但不限于:

  • 表面扩展
  • 分层
  • Improper Finishing or Curing Techniques
  • 染色变色
  • 破裂的原因
  • 冻融恶化
  • 钢筋腐蚀
  • 总可以
  • 长强度结果
  • 灰骨反应
  • 化学攻击
  • 混合设计验证
  • 涂层的失败
  • 与火和热有关的损害